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Iwagaki【Japanese Rock Oyster】 Iwagaki【Japanese Rock Oyster】

Tonkatsu【Breaded Pork Cutlet】 Tonkatsu【Breaded Pork Cutlet】

Sakata's French Cuisine Sakata's French Cuisine


Moso-jiru【Bamboo Shoot Soup】

Iwagaki【Japanese Rock Oyster】

Dadacha-mame Soybeans

Tonkatsu【Breaded Pork Cutlet】

Because of the taste and quality of Shonai's pork, it is counted among the three most delicious varieties produced in regions north of Kanto. The other two it stands with, Hiraboku-sangenton and Kinka (a.k.a. Jinhua) pork, are arguably luxury brands.
Hiraboku-sangenton and Kinka pork are delicious as barbeque, shabu-shabu, or as part of any dish, but tastiest as tonkatsu. The snowy pork fat has a light yet savory flavor, and the meat is both melt-in-your-mouth tender and juicy. Tonkatsu is available in Tsuruoka City and Sakata City, and at Maiko Teahouse Soma-ro.

Sakata Ramen

Sakata's French Cuisine

Food-lovers have unanimously fallen for the gourmet town of Sakata, where French food is also called French-style Regional Cuisine. Sakata is home to many restaurants offering this cuisine, in which local ingredients, such as fish, are used in abundance to create a unique western taste that can only be experienced in Shonai.

French Style Local Food le Pot Au Feu

Sakata's French Cuisine
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Dinner: 5.30pm-8pm
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The bounty of sea, mountain, and forest: Chef Masayuki Okuda, founder of the Italian restaurant Al-ché-cciano, introduced wonderful natural ingredients from Shonai throughout the country, where our region is now known as a “Food Capitol.” Visit Al-ché-cciano to taste natural ingredients found only in Shonai, plus fresh seasonal vegetables, all cooked simply and deliciously.