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Mt.Chokai & Tobishima Island Geopark

Maruike-sama Pond Maruike-sama Pond

The Stone Statues of the Sixteen Arhats The Stone Statues of the Sixteen Arhats

Mogami River Boat Ride Mogami River Boat Ride



Mt. Chokai & Tobishima Island Geopark was recognized by the Japan Geopark Committee as a member of the Japanese Geopark Network in 2017.

With a peak elevation of 2,236 meters and its foot dipping into the sea, this beautiful free-standing mountain is sometimes called “the Fuji of Dewa.” It has long been revered as the guardian of the surrounding area's inhabitants. Presently, it is a nationally designated Historic Site and Quasi-National Park, and is counted as one of Japan's 100 Famous Mountains.
At Mt. Chokai's base near Sakata City is Tamasudare Falls, one of the tallest waterfalls in Tohoku. It is said to have been named by Kobo Daishi, founder of Shingon Buddhism, and is popular as a “power spot” because of the negative ions generated by the rushing water.
At the base near the town of Yuza lies Maruike-sama Pond, filled entirely by water from natural springs. Its whimsical emerald-green color shifts subtly with the light.
※Please prepare sufficient equipment when you climb the mountain.

Tamasudare Falls

Tamasudare Falls
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Maruike-sama Pond

Maruike-sama Pond
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The Stone Statues of the Sixteen Arhats

Mogami River Boat Ride

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